About Us

The Barrie Fertility Centre was established in 1999 and has 4 Canadian-trained Gynecologists on staff as well as a Nurse Coordinator with 12 years of fertility centre experience.

The Barrie Fertility Centre is affiliated with LifeQuest Fertility Clinic in Toronto and offers satellite monitoring for IVF patients utilizing clinics across North America.

Doctor profiles

Andrew Browning MD FRCSC  OB/GYN University of Western Ontario
Enrigue Reyes MD FRCSC  OB/GYN  University of Toronto
Jan Moreau MD OB/GYN  McMaster University

Ann Mitchinson, Nurse Coordinator


The Barrie Fertility Clinic offers advanced reproductive technology, including:
• Ovulation induction
• Intrauterine insemination
• Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
• Donor sperm insemination
• Monitoring for IVF cycles


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